This is mainly a back up space for stories written to help people describe and beat depression.

The original basis was using characters from the Elinor Brent Dyer Chalet School Series, but the stories really don’t need any knowledge of the characters to read. They are usually short pieces, and were originally posted on Sally Denny Fanfiction Library and Lime Green Musings Fanfiction site. I had more than one person contact me and say that they felt the stories helped describe feelings that they couldn’t always articulate, and that it was a pity they didn’t have a wider audience. That is the reason for this site.

Please feel free to share, copy, use in any way, just remembering that they have a basis in fanfiction originally, so cannot be used for any financial gain, and please try to reference back if you are using them in publication anywhere else on the web. If you are just sharing for ‘personal use’ that’s fine.

The stories aren’t really meant to be describing any particular form of depression and are never meant to cause any offence. If you are reading and feeling bad yourself please don’t give up, however tiny the steps are they are always moving you on in some way. It’s always worth fighting and listening to your mind and body.

Thank You




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